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Cats are love, cats are life.

*****Fur-ever Fur-babies*****

-Chloe: She is the oldest at 15 years. She is pretty much a Garfield cat, orange and white tabby, short-haired fur, and fat.

-Rocky II: He is 10 years old and also white and orange tabby but with long hair. He’s my husband’s “son.”

-Cole: He is 9 years old with all black fur. Some teenagers threw him on our front lawn, so obviously I had to save him.

-Gandalf: We’re not sure how old he is since he’s a friendly stray. He looks like a Norwegian Forest cat. He has an upper respiratory infection and sneezes a lot.

-Tuxie: He is 10 months old and everyone’s favorite because of his sweet demeanor towards people and cats alike.

-Pearl: She is Tuxie’s sister and is also 10 months old. She has all short-haired black fur like Cole.

-Elly: My Mom named her because she is so elegant and well-mannered. I think she’s about 2 months old with tuxedo fur.

-Arya: She was named after a character of Game of Thrones. She is about 1 month old, talkative, very playful, very sweet, and so stinking cute! She has calico fur.


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